Silicon Valley Runner

February 25, 2018 at 6:26 am


As I sit in Sunny California I felt the need to update this site. My last blog detailed a bit about my new venture – Letsdothis.

How is CA and a Running Website linked I hear you ask. Simple really. I’m living out a dream that’s been motivating me for the past 5-10 years of my life. Silicon Valley is the tech place to be and I am here with the team being mentored by the world renowned incubator Y Combinator.

Working all hours that I physically can has meant that I actually haven’t done too much sport – a bit ironic really, as I am building a site and community focused on running, cycling and triathlons. The few times I’ve been out I’ve checked out the running and cycling routes around Atherton, Redwood City and Mountain View and it’s safe to say the hills are a little bigger than those in Woodford. But the weather more than makes up for the hilly nature of this part of the world. I’ve also had a few short swims in the outdoor pool and a very cold experience swimming from the Dolphin Club pontoon out into San Francisco Bay.

I’ve been missing my routine of Parkrun on a Saturday morning, so when Laura brought the girls out for a few weeks to visit I took the opportunity to borrow a running ‘stroller’ and take Emily out for a bit of parkrun tourism (more to follow on that later).

As always I promise I’ll keep you updated, now back to work!