Runners, Cheaters and the 2014 Virgin London Marathon in numbers

April 14, 2014 at 9:06 am

Note – I have updated the post to remove photographs and subsequently comments. This is a personal blog in which I share my normally fairly boring running journey. Obviously this year someone has picked up this blog and it has gone a little bit mental. I have no intention of harassing or naming and shaming anyone hence why I am amending this post

VLM_2014_LogoEvery year after the marathon the geek in me wants to look up and get some more information about how people have performed on the day. This research project also allows me to find people who have made some “spectacular” negative splits.

This year it seems we only have a couple of suspicious people…as of yet some of these people don’t have photo’s! This chap managed a 50 minute half marathon! IMPRESSIVE!!! Someone should really let them know that a world record was broken on the course!!pic1

Oh dear…what happened in your first half marathon 2:07 seems very slow for someone that can pull out a 1:01 half marathon negative split. Next year when you return back, because with a second half like that you really should, you MUST work on your first half pacing…pic2

It’s not just one…this person managed a 1:30 half after a 2:40 half – most odd, I can only assume they are much happier in the mid day sun and needed a bit of warming up! :)
Wear those medals with pride…*

Some interesting facts about yesterday:

  • 941 negative splits (1,296 in 2013)
  • 4 runners with PERFECT pacing (EXACTLY the same first half and second half)
  • Biggest positive split: 224minutes. 01:39:55 first half, completion time 07:04:44.(This is not meant as a bad thing, merely interesting – having suffered something similar a few years back ago I just found it interesting!!)
  • Starters who didn’t finish: 191 (this figure seems very low so may need reviewing!)

* or take pride in the fact you know how to jump over a barrier on the Highway skipping 8 miles…