Review: Denon AH-150

November 19, 2014 at 8:00 am


I have some new earphones to play with!!

As a techie having to read the instructions is something I try to avoid, unfortunately with the Denon’s it certainly required the instructions to set them up but luckily they were short and to the point!

Earphones configured and ready I used the earphones during a short 4mile training run. I had it hooked up to my iPhone with my Spotify playlist.

Once I was running the sound quality was fab, every so often it seemed to cut out for second or so but nothing that was really a problem. This was the first bluetooth pair of earphones I have ever used and being wire free was actually really nice. If I had a pound for every time I have become tangled up whilst setting up myself with my current earbuds I would be a wealthy man!

I answered a call on the earphones whilst out, again sound quality was good and my wife said that it was better than my usual pair as the microphone rubs with my kit giving a loud background noise. Didn’t try making an outbound call – it did connect to SIRI so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Couple of gripes I had whilst out:

  • they seemed to gradually work loose from my ears, there may have been other buds to use but the default set didn’t quite fit. I wonder whether they are perhaps just a little heavy and even a tighter bud would still have issues.
  • I also couldn’t adjust the volume – I’m not sure if this was just because I was using Spotify rather than native music.
  • the button press to change tracks felt a little clumsy, it required a little bit too much pressure I felt for something pressed to your ear!

I haven’t run a test for a long duration of time, as an endurance runner I suspect my iPhone battery would run out first because of the bluetooth but I would like to try that at some point soon.

The box also talks about a training app to use alongside the earphones. I didn’t get to install that yet but will check it out in the coming weeks.