Parkrun :)

March 24, 2018 at 3:08 am

Back in Jan 2016 I completed my first parkrun. I’d just finished the Disney Marathon and had treated myself to a running buggy whilst in the states so Emily could be pushed around whilst I ran.
We are lucky to live really close to Valentines park and their parkrun is perfect for buggy running as it’s all concreted paths and wide turning areas.

We’ve dabbled in a bit of parkrun tourism seeing Harrogate and Elsmere Port during trips up north for work and visiting friends. In April 2016 we visited San Francisco, but without the trusty running buggy, so I ran whilst Laura and Emily watched.

This time around we borrowed a running stroller from a lovely lady on a local facebook page so that Emily could take in the sights of the ‘most scenic’ parkrun in the world. With the Golden Gate Bridge as it’s backdrop I don’t think you can get much better.

The briefing revealed just how many people from around the world visit this parkrun. There were Brits, Aussies, Kiwis and a number of people from South Africa as well as those from the East coast of the states. Everyone arrived early to get the obligatory tourist photos and to chat to each other. It is such a friendly parkrun.

Emily loved the run, as did I. So much so that we went back the next week too. Laura even volunteered (with some help from Emily once we’d finished the run).

I was really surprised by the number of local runners who were using the same park as us who had no clue about parkrun. In the UK you’d be hard pushed to find someone who hadn’t heard of it l, but here the race director spent the hour we were in the park explaining over and over again about the concept. For any Americans reading this, parkrun is a FREE timed run every Saturday morning at 9am. It’s not a race, for local 5k races see here XXx 😉.