Oh Dear…Lets do this again

April 15, 2015 at 12:04 am

fat-runnerAs I write this post I find it unbelievable it’s almost a year since the last marathon I ran! I am not doing a spring marathon, the first in 7 years, this feels kinda weird and my stomach and body is aware of this! In October I posted about getting training again, this seemed short lived and I just couldn’t get the motivation to get out side and train. Since then I have found out I’m to be a father and training has been pushed back even more!

I registered to run the Reading Half, which I dragged my sorry ass around in a slow time for me and since then I have dusted off the cobwebs on my trainers and am trying to restore some ability in my body…Long gone are the sub 1:40 half marathon days but I figure that I got to that before so it’s certainly possible to get there again if I can just get beyond 4 miles at 8:30 pace (my current pace)!

I am going to be running the New York Marathon this year so I believe my training for that needs to start kinda now! I’m also registered to do the Virgin London Tri, which will be fun – hopefully I can get my 5k run time down to make it a nice little proper intro to triathlons!

I want to try use this again to motivate me through my training so hopefully you will see more updates more regularly. ¬†For all those running London in two weeks time – good luck, whilst I haven’t missed the long training runs, I feel like not having that weird feeling in my stomach on that Sunday morning is going to be really odd for me :)


Till next time