Let’s do this! Training Time

October 18, 2014 at 7:06 pm

Time to dust of the cobwebs on this blog. Training starts again and this time it’s not just focused on running!

As I look down at my stomach I feel all that I spent so long trying to get rid of when I took up running is reappearing. The jeans are getting tighter and I know now it’s time to start putting together a plan back to fitness.

I know I’m not the sort of person that can train without a target – I would lack motivation and I know after a few months I would be back to normal.

When I started running my goal was the marathon, and the years following was trying to better my times. This saw me to the start line of 9 marathons and countless half marathons. My best time was a reasonable 3:42 marathon and 1:32 half. Neither of those are times to be sniggered at and both of them right now seem miles away as I struggle to maintain a 9min/mi pace for more than 3 miles and just getting kit on feels like a chore! I have run every route I can think of locally both backwards and forwards but that is no real excuse! Time to lace up the shoes and get back out there. I want to set my goal of getting back to a sub 1:45 half marathon by March with the intention of being able to comfortable hang  onto an 8 min MI again for a long distance.(13+ miles)

On top of this during the winter months im going to hit the pool. Building up my stamina and speed with the intention of reducing my mile swim time down. My coaching with Ray at Swim Canary Wharf has started again and if you are up early enough during the week you can see me (and Tom Daley, seriously) doing laps in the stunning olympic pool!

Wait a minute what about the bike? ¬†Well during the winter I’m going to dust off the turbo and try smash out a few evening sessions and also get at least one spin session under my belt each week. Getting my body just used to being on the bike again.

So where does that leave me? Other than without any time!? I guess you could say my training might resemble someone thinking about triathlon…and you would be right. Watch this space to reveal more!