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Fair Havens Training Run 12.5 Miles

January 11, 2009

On Friday evening I headed down to Rayleigh and had a meal with a number of the people running in this years FLM for the havens group. It was a good evening and I managed to have a chat with a few people who it turns out were all hoping to run a similar time to me as well as a physios and masseur.

The group have 3 scheduled training runs from now until the marathon. I am away for the next one so thought it would be a good idea to head down this morning and see how it was. The run was good – we stuck as a pack for 80% of the route running at what was apparently 9min mile pace (sub 4 hour marathon time). It was a VERY early start for me, especially as I had to drive down to Rayleigh, hence the alarm was set for 6:45 (almost an hour earlier than my normal work day start time!) and had hit the road by 730.

The Course

The course started off quite nice. The first 8/9 miles were actually fairly enjoyable. The group was running together and at a pace where we could hold conversation. I have never been to Rayleigh, so the route was a complete unknown to me other than the passing comments from others to expect some hills at the end. This was by no means an understatement. At about mile 9 I believe it was, we hit a fairly steep incline and from that point on it felt that there was a consistent rise in gradient. The last 3.5 miles certainly tested me. I think I’m going to have to routinely put in half marathon distances as 10miles seems to be the cut point from what seems “easy”.

fairhavens training run

All in all though a good run, testing, but what I need. Also fairly happy that there a group of runners for FH all running around my pace.

No rest for me it looks like though – hence a day off running tomorrow but back to the roads on Tuesday…

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