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Hello world! 113 days to go…

January 2, 2009

Welcome to my “training blog”.  I’m not going to lie, i doubt this will be updated regurlarly but who knows! Anyway, it is supposed to be a log of my training for the next 113 days to the start of the marathon, a brief rundown (no pun intended) of each long run I do and links to the nike stats etc.

15/16 Mile – “Long Run”

2009 begins and with it my longest run to date, whilst this run is still a long way short of the marathon distance it is good grounding and my intention is to increase this distance by 10% ish every two weeks.


Chose a newish route – heading from home in Woodford I tried to stick to the Central Line up to mile end (running – not on the tube!). At Mile End I swung a right down to Hackney where I got a tiny bit lost before coming out around Clapton at mile 11/12. The remaining bit of the run I know and have done before, albeit the other way. The whole thing felt relatively flat, it was quite quiet out with it being a Friday.

Woodford - Mile End - Hackney

Woodford - Mile End - Hackney


A little chilly so sadly couldn’t look my trendiest and donned my long trousers ;) however dry and clear, with a bit of sun.


Standard great south run playlist – will upload tracklist at some point.


As with my previous 13mile+ run the first 10miles seemed relatively painless – at around 13miles I started to tire a bit – getting over this hurdle is the essential part of the next two months as I feel i could conformable do a half marathon now but not the full…


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