Over the years I have supported a couple of charities through my running.

British Red Cross

In March 2011 I helped set up ‘Run for Japan’ – a fundraising effort to help with the after effect of the Japanese Tsunami. The website asked runners to donate their runs to the cause. The campaign ran for 2-3 months and raised £35,515 for the British Red Cross who were providing support on the ground.


Havens Hospices

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 I ran the London Marathon on behalf of Havens Hospices and so far have raised over £3500. I have also been involved in the creation and upkeep of – a site set up for runners fundraising for Havens to chat and meet up for runs.

I first came across Fair Havens when my Wife’s Grandfather was taken there after a 2 week stay in hospital. It was clear to her family that he was unable to go home as his health was deteriorating, but they didn’t want him to spend his last days stuck in a hospital bed in an overcrowded ward. Peter spent just over a week in the care of Fair Havens nurses before he passed away on the 14th October 2008. I found out just days later that I had been given one of the hospices few golden bond marathon places.

The Provost family could not fault the care that Peter received in his last few days of life. Every member of staff at the hospice not only looked after him and made sure he was comfortable, but also looked out for the family, many of whom spent day and night there to spend as much time with him as they could. It was an honour to run for Havens in memory of Peter.


Move Europe

In 2008 I did a 500km challenge for move which I completely smashed. I was introduced to the charity through a university friend who worked there. As a s,all charity I know how much they struggle with funding. But I think it’s a good charity to fundraiser for as people sponsor me to run so disabled people can walk. To date I have raised over £200 for Move as well as currently being involved with redevelopment of their website.